PSY 520 LU Scientific and Christian Affiliation Annotated BibliographyCourse


PSY 520 LU Scientific and Christian Affiliation Annotated BibliographyCourse

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PSYC 520 Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Description: This assignment requires you to begin to build the empirical research which explores an area of interest within the realm of integrating Psychology and Christianity.

Purpose: Throughout this course, the importance of integrating Psychology and Christianity is being emphasized. The focus thus far in the course has been on the different ways and types of integration. Moving forward, this assignment will allow you to build practical knowledge and further explore a topic of interest and how it intersects Psychology and Christianity. This assignment will be a part of building your final research paper.


1.Select a topic.

a.Pick a domain that’s interesting to you (e.g., forgiveness, neuroscience, social justice, spiritual formation, multi-cultural issues, healing, resilience, etc.)

2.Locate 10 empirical studies in peer-reviewed journals (e.g. The Journal of Psychology and Christianity) that address your topic.

3.Read the articles.

4.Create the bibliography in APA format.

5.Write one to two paragraphs on each article summarizing the source and key themes presented. This should be in your own words, no plagiarism.


1.Include a title page and annotated bibliography portion

2.Avoid first and second person pronouns, and be sure to use past tense when describing completed research.

3.Current APA format must be followed.

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

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