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Anne Kolsky    3 posts   Re: Topic 10 DQ 1  Professional Journal  A good journal to begin the quest to reach the capstone short term and long-term goals would be the Journal of Early Childhood Research by SAGE journals. It meets all the criteria for scholarly research and acceptance of research. It is an international peer-reviewed forum for childhood research that bridges across disciplines. It applies theory and research gleaned from empirical and theoretical research related to learning and development in the early childhood years. It is particularly helpful for policymakers and practitioners working in complementary and related fields (SAGE, 2019).  Conference  The Early Childhood Summit 2020 would be a fantastic conference to speak at. It is billed as the largest early childhood conference (at least in the State of Arizona). It would have been even more appealing if it was offered during a Minnesota winter. It is geared for professionals, stakeholders and supporters of early childhood education and health. It invites those in education, health professions, tribal representatives, business and community leaders, school administrators, university and college faculty, and state and local policymakers. Topics included impacts, health and development, language and literacy, empowering leaders, public awareness and engagement, strengthening families, teaching and learning toolboxes and tribal communities. All together there are more than 80 sessions to choose from and several exhibitors on deck. The line-up of main speakers is lacking a health care professional, so signing up to speak would be a terrific opportunity to develop collaborations, teach others about the need to partner, and implement services  First Things First. (2019). Early childhood summit 2020. Retrieved from    SAGE journals. (2019). Journal of early childhood research. Retrieved from

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