Product Comparison



What you need to do

You should select two specific products in the same packaged good product category (any frequently purchased product that is packaged, e.g., a food product or a personal care product, two brands of soap, two brands of chocolate, or two brands of coffee). For brands that have many options within a category, focus on one specific product, e.g., Snapple bottled Peach flavored tea.

You cannot use the following brands for the assignment: Snapple, Siggi’s yogurt, the Vosges chocolate brand, the tea brands presented in class, and the Gain and Downy brands compared in the sample assignment. Also, you cannot select products such as electronics or shoes since package design is typically much less important for this these types of products.

Based on your own in-store observations and knowledge about the products as well as brief interviews with 3-4 friends or family members that you think would be familiar with both brands, you will describe each of the products. Based on this information you will put together a positioning statement for each product.

The positioning statement should describe the target market and how you think the product is meant to be differentiated from the competition. It does not need to be longer than one or two sentences. Please use the format that we looked at in class a few weeks ago:

To [target market/need], [brand] is a [concept] that offers [point of difference].

Example: “To up-scale food lovers who are looking for unique food experiencesVosges is a chocolate that offers the experience of high-quality chocolate in surprising and exciting flavor combinations.”

What you will turn in
Your submission should be no more than one page (1″ margins and 12 point font, either Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial) uploaded on Blackboard in Word format or as a PDF. If you do not have access to any of those formats at home you need to finalize your submission in one of the computer labs on campus. Your submission needs to have the outline below. For each heading, use a bullet-point for the description of each product so that it will be easy to distinguish the information for each.

Introduction – What are the two brands and why did you choose them?

Product attributes – describe each product’s features

Benefits provided – list (at least) one possible functional benefit (how the product helps the typical consumer), and one psychological benefit (how does using the product make consumers feel) for each of the products.

Product line – describe the product line that you think the product is part of, for example in terms of the number of options offered. As an example, the tea brand Tazo that we will look at in class this week has a line of tea bags that includes a range of tea varieties, including black, green, herbal, Chai, and white.

Packaging – Please describe the packaging for each of the two products in terms of color, shape, text/information, overall look, and possible functional aspects.

Brand image – What do consumers associate with a particular brand? For each brand, please generate a list of 5-6 words that you think reflect consumers’ perceptions of the brand (e.g., quality, modern, cool, boring, “for hipsters”, green, etc.) and explain with two-three sentences why you have chosen those words.

Positioning statement – see instructions above. You need to write a positioning statement for each of the two brands you are analyzing.