Power of Persuasion


Power of Persuasion

In this activity, you will demonstrate your ability to apply problem-solving, influencing, persuading and negotiating techniques. To complete this activity; read the scenario below and respond to the forum post. Scenario: At the end of Quarter 1, it is announced that your organisation will buy a new facility. This creates many new vacancies to be advertised at the end of Quarter 3. One of the new roles is HR Business Partner for Projects. You are managing the recruitment for this role. However, Quarter 3 is approaching and you are receiving some resistance from the Finance Director (FD). The FD thinks that recruitment can wait until the end of the year, because the project is being held up due to ongoing discussions over working practices with the works council. This role is critical to the business as it is the HR lead for the new facility. How would you persuade the FD that HR Business Partner for Projects is a business-critical role, and negotiate for recruitment as soon as possible? Share your answer by responding to the post below, include details of: • The problem-solving techniques you will use • The approach you will take to influencing, persuading, and negotiating Then, take the time to review to up to three of your groupmates’ responses. Give them feedback on the strengths of their answer(s).

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