PoLP & Patch Management


Read  five articles and discuss the principle of least privilege in at  least 500 words. Explain how this principle impacts data security.

Include  at least one quote from 3 articles, place them in quotation marks and  cite in-line (as all work copied from another should be handled).

Cite  your sources in a reference list at the end. Do not copy without  providing proper attribution (quotation marks and in-line citations).  Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format. 

Reply  to two classmates’ posting in a paragraph of at least five sentences by  asking questions, reflecting on your own experience, challenging  assumptions, pointing out something new you learned, offering  suggestions. These peer responses are not ‘attaboys’.   You should  make your initial post by Thursday evening so your classmates have an  opportunity to respond before midnight when all three posts  are due. 

It is important that you use your own words, that you cite your sources, that you comply  with the instructions regarding length of your post and that you reply  to two classmates in a substantive way (not ‘nice post’ or the like).  Your  goal is to help your colleagues write better. Do not use spinbot or  other word replacement software. It usually results in nonsense and is  not a good way to learn anything. . I will not spend a lot of my time  trying to decipher nonsense. Proof read your work or have it edited.  Find something interesting and/or relevant to your work to write  about.  Please do not submit attachments unless requested

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