Philosophy on Education


Philosophy on Education

What is your educational philosophy at this point in your life? Why do you want to teach? What do you see as the aim and purpose of education? the role of the student? how would you like to teach? what are your beliefs on how children should learn? what is important to teach and what should be left out? (these questions concern curriculum) Consider various philosophy views. Perhaps I find my self agreeing more strongly with one view more than others or I disagree altogether. I have to show how reflection on these views shapes your own educational philosophy. – the view a would side with is existentialism – other philosophies discussed are : idealism, realism, pragmatism, Marxism and conservatism. – choose the views most important to you to critique or agree. can agree with more than one view, taking parts of each view to build your own philosophy – must be 4 pages or longer , doubles spaced.

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