PH 353 San Diego State University Hidden Figures Movies AnalysisCourse


PH 353 San Diego State University Hidden Figures Movies AnalysisCourse

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As we are learning in this course, there are many dimensions of human identity and sexuality. We are constantly influenced by our external environment, giving us clues about how to act, how to feel, and what is ‘normal’ – especially as it relates to expectations regarding gender. Gender and popular culture are deeply intertwined, defining our cultures’ norms and values. In recent years, we have seen an influx of characters that are challenging the traditional male and female stereotypes in popular culture.

Choose one or more characters from popular culture that defy the traditional male/female gender roles and do a critical analysis of this character. Characters can come from short stories, novels, poetry, art, digital video, TV shows, film, magazines, books, podcasts, music, etc.

Questions you can consider when writing:

  • How does your character ‘do’ gender? Discuss how they portray themselves.
  • How does your character challenge traditional gender norms?
  • How do other characters in the piece ‘do’ gender? Does this influence your character?
  • How do class, race and/or sexuality inform their representation of gender?
  • What purposes does their gender portrayal serve? Do they ‘lean’ more masculine or feminine at certain times? For certain reasons?

Your paper should be five pages, double-spaced, 12pt Arial or Times New Roman.

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