personal reflection exercise


This week is more of a personal reflection exercise than a discussion board; no response comment is required but I would like you to at least glance at some of your classmates’ posts to see how your experience compares.

On a typical day, how do you spend your time online? Think about what apps or sites you visit the most, and which online services you commonly use (for shopping, streaming, social networking, email and work, etc.). Select five of your frequently-used companies that also appear on the Greenpeace Clicking Clean report. 

Generally, how do the companies you’ve chosen measure up in their commitment to sustainability? Were you surprised by any of the scores or corporate behaviors?

Aside from what’s measured on the report, what are some additional ways that your digital activity affects the environment? Consider adjacent activities, hardware (is your phone or computer mentioned in Koebler’s article?), etc. Maybe watch:

The Story of Electronics

●  (Links to an external site.)

● Links to an external site.

The Story of Electronics

Can you think of ways to make your habits more sustainable?

What factors prevent you (or Internet users in general) from being fully aware of how your online behavior affects the environment?

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