Organization Development Illustration


Option #2: Organization Development Illustration

Construct an illustrative graphic or infographic that shows the connection/links and impacts of organizational development programs on the organization’s mission, values, culture, and strategic direction. Include in the illustration:

  1. Identify and briefly summarize the mission, values, culture, and strategic direction of an organization that you are familiar with or have researched.
  2. Analyze how the business strategy influences the type and frequency of training within the organization. For instance, if your organization is retail oriented, assess how training should be conducted in that industry. If your industry is construction based, detail how training occurs in that industry (Hint: There are many safety requirements as well).
  3. Develop two specific training strategies that would be effective in the organization and industry that you identified. Be innovative; avoid using the training approaches currently utilized in the industry.
  4. The focus on this approach should be one that you provide to an employee/group to capture their interest in training. Your intention is to showcase WHAT this training will provide to them, and how they can become a more impactful employee.

Include a title page, one-page summary of the infographic, double spaced, in APA FORMAT , and include a minimum of three scholarly sources; also consider including other trade/industry and government sources for support/evidence.  

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