‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’. Simone de Beauvoir.


‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’. Simone de Beauvoir.

‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’. Simone de Beauvoir. Discuss the relevance of the existentialist idea that one has to become a ‘self’, or give meaning to oneself, through living ‘authentically’ and not with reference to everyday social norms, labels and stereotypical images. Harvard style referencing. I support the author’s arugument. So it’ll need 3 examples with solid evidence to back it up from trusted sources. Assessment Criteria The assignment requires students to develop a written or production-led analysis of a specific topic taught in class, using independent research in literature, current examples of media texts and/ or media production skills. Students who opt for the production-led aspect will also need to submit a rationale (see guidelines below). Students are required to • express clear focus, relevance and flow in the choice and structure of their topic and examples • show appropriate knowledge of academic theories and/ or appropriate level of technical competence • think through concepts and/ or practice to explore one of the provided questions, or their own research question, as it relates to the subject matter • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a particular topic through critical engagement and extensive reading and research • demonstrate ability to connect conceptual and theoretical perspectives with the discussion of specific media examples or through practical example • show clarity of expression; accurate spelling and grammar and referencing Assessment Guidelines: 1. Choose a topic from the provided questions or alternatively articulate your own research question, which has to be agreed by the tutor 2. Analyse and discuss the topic you have chosen, using recent examples, or exploring it in an appropriate medium and format in order to make a point 3. In the first part of your assignment, write a short summary of the topic. Use key concepts taught in this block, define and reference them, or use audiovisual or other ways to demonstrate knowledge of the concepts. 4. In the second part of your assignment, explain how selected examples, key concepts or production material fit the topic/ question and help us understand it better. 5. Remember to include a conclusion, whether written or technically produced, referring back to the topic and directly addressing it.

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