Oakton Community College Environmental Justice Movement EO 12898 and EPA DiscussionSchool


Oakton Community College Environmental Justice Movement EO 12898 and EPA DiscussionSchool

Oakton Community College

Question Description

Using a minimum of 2 paragraphs per prompt, respond to the following using materials from the Modules 2a and 2b.

Part 1. Compare and contrast the environmental justice movement with the modern environmental movement.

Part 2. Describe the major events leading up to EO 12898, and the definition of environmental justice from EO 12898 as well as EPA.

Be sure to review the grading rubric for the discussion board before you complete your responses. Do not write in the first person, and remember to use APA Style to integrate the literature into your answer. Students should include the required materials, and additional points are given for any additional readings the student selects from the module to incorporate. Be sure to include a Works Cited section at the end of your discussion board. Do not attach a Word file for discussion board responses but type directly into the d2l.

Potential links for works cited portion. Please answer both parts and include some of these options as work cited.

Bullard, R. D., Mohai, P., Saha, R., & Wright, B. (2007). Toxic Waste and Race and Twenty:1987-2007. Grassroots Struggles to Dismantle Environmental Racism in the United States.

Cole, L. W., & Foster, S. R. (2001). From the ground up Environmental racism and the rise of the environmental justice movement (Vol. 34). NYU Press.

Doherty, B., & Doyle, T. (2006). Beyond borders: Transnational politics, social movements and modern environmentalism. Environmental Politics, 15(5), 697-712.

Federal actions to address environmental justice in minority populations and low-income populations: Executive Order 12898. (n.d.). Environmental Justice and Federalism, 159-165.

McCrea, E. J. (2006). The Roots of Environmental Education: How the Past Supports the Future. Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP).

PCB Protest in Warren County 1982. (2012, May 16). YouTube.

Pezzullo, R. D. S. P. C. (2007). Environmental justice and environmentalism: The social justice challenge to the environmental movement. MIT press.

Robert Bullard – The Genesis of Environmental Justice. (2011, April 14).

The History of Environmental Justice. (2012, June 4). YouTube.

The Road to Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice. (2014, August 4). YouTube.

Wakild, E. (2013). Environmental Justice, Environmentalism, and Environmental History in Twentieth-Century Latin America. History Compass11(2), 163-176.

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