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Re: Topic 1 DQ 1  Great post two GCU library scholarly databases that are helpful research articles to support any EPB proposal are: 1.CINAHL Complete: Offers a comprehensive peer reviewed journals and articles in over 50 nursing specialty area. This database provides access to more than 1300 full text journal articles, and also provides an important resource learning tool for nurses and allied professionals in the area of continuous education modules including care sheets based on evidence base practice. 2.ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source: Provides diversification in evidence base materials ranging from alternative and contemporary medicine to nursing. It includes over 860 titles in full-text, plus more than 12,300 full text dissertations representing the most rigorous scholarship in nursing and related fields.  These two databases are better than google scholar or general internet search because they both offer current or up to date evidence based journals on wide varieties of topic areas, and they also offer capacity to select preferred search criteria. Google scholar has a tendency to provide unreliable or incomplete information that may likely not be peer reviewed.  Grand Canyon University, (2018). Journal Databases – Nursing & Health Sciences. Retrieved from posts 

  Alimatu  Alimatu  Please remember for substantive credit, references must be cited in the post.  Please see the classroom announcements.  Corrections have to be made before the end of each week when something is missed to receive credit in that week for the post.  Thank you.  Professor O’Brien.Work on the instructors recommendation and apa referenc the the above post.

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