Network Security Policy


Complete the thinking outside the box assignment number 2 on page 371 of your textbook by researching what is needed to develop a sound network security policy.

Write at least a one-page paper in current APA format that charts all of the employee and department details listed in the project.

Write at least a three-page paper in current APA format that provides a security policy for each department that includes any restrictions, resource usage, or reporting requirements that would be necessary to keep the network secure.

Create a hypothetical business with approximately 50 to 100 employees. Place the employees in two or three different departments. Assign to each department a title and basic job duties. All employees in all departments use personal computers for numerous activities. Identify the computer activities for the employees of each department. Then create a security policy for the employees of each department. Be sure to address when and where the employees have access to computer resources, and if any types of transactions should be restricted.

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