Monitoring and Controlling Project Deliverables


*** 2-3 pages ONLY

*** I will post the three articles that the homework will reference

*** Please make the question bold and write the answer underneath

***Provide references

1. List the types of investments that may be at risk from the articles provided.  

2. Explain the importance of having accurate data for performing earned value management, based on the articles provided. Provide examples on how accurate and consistent data is related to risk management and decision making within project management.

3. Suggest at least two (2) best practices mentioned in the articles that should be observed for monitoring and controlling projects effectively. Determine the potential risks that are mitigated by implementing these practices. 

4. Summarize the lessons learned that can be derived from earned value management reporting and describe how these could be applied in future projects. 

5. Determine the factors that contribute to implementing effective earned value management practices. Choose the single most important factor and provide an example to justify its importance in implementing earned values management.

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