Microeconomics- demand/supply/elasticity/economic efficiency


Microeconomics- demand/supply/elasticity/economic efficiency

word limit is 1500 words excluding the references i would also prefer u use an article related to the fall of milk prices in australia or of some other commodity…something not too broad or narrow the assignment outline is in the unit outline (the only assignment there) with all the instructions please have it completed in atleast 24hrs chicago referencing and i am a first year uni student so please write in an english level accordingly. Please view the examplars so you can see examples of how the assignment is meant to look like. the graphs should be hand drawn and scanned into the appropriate places in the assignment. please stick to the topics discussed in the powerpoint lectures i have attached. Otherwise this assignment is not difficult as it in an introductory to economics. you will need access to a printer and scanner. Thankyou in advance and goodluck. This assignment is so important for me. please complete in less than 24hrs or i will not be able to submit it.

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