MFT 532 Grand Canyon University Addiction Family DiscussionCourse


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MFT 532 Grand Canyon University Addiction Family DiscussionCourse

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Question Description

In the latest session with your family from Topic 1 and throughout the course, one of the family members expressed suicidal ideation.

Create a comprehensive risk assessment for the family member with suicidal ideation. Be sure to include the following in the risk assessment:

  1. Danger to self
  2. Danger to others
  3. Risk factors
  4. A plan
  5. Access to means
  6. Protective factors

Develop a safety plan for the family member as well. Be sure that the safety plan identifies the following:

  1. Protective factors
  2. Triggers
  3. Specific supports
  4. The conditions under which this plan would be utilized

Submit the risk assessment and safety plan.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

Previous case studies are attached in case you need to see them.