Methods to Quit Smoking Essay


Methods to Quit Smoking Essay

Question Description

Please follow the outline below to provide a 2 page paper on how to quit smoking. Use the outline to provide a nice essay. I insist its an essay because someone else answered questions in the outline instead of writing an essay based on the outline.

No Plagiarism, APA format, Please include references:

  • clearly organized with an introduction (with thesis statement), body (with topic sentences for each paragraph), and conclusion;
  • a minimum of five paragraphs;
  • 2 pages;
  • unified, supported, and coherent.

Please understand the content of the outline and provide a paper based on it. Here’s the outline:

How to quit smoking

  1. Quitting smoking can be life changing. Just deciding to quit is a big step to a long and healthy life.
  1. What method is best for you? Overtime or cold turkey?
  2. Know your “why”
  3. Make a plan, prepare for the quitting day.
  4. Seek professional medical advice or speak to other that have quit and ask for advice.

2. Make a plan of action: a strategy to keep you on track an idea of what it entails to reach the goal of how to quit smoking.

  1. What plan did you choose and why?
  2. Prepare for withdrawals and cravings, how to manage them without affecting others.
  3. Recognizing sign of depression and frustration.
  4. Reducing stress while avoiding smokers or secondhand smoke.
  5. Pick a hobby to replace the bad habit.

3. Seeking alternative ways to help you succeed in quitting.

  1. Behavior therapy.
  2. Acupuncture.
  3. Practicing yoga, mindfulness, meditation.
  4. Seeking medications or natural supplements (herbs).

4. In order to succeed in this process one must maintain a good strategy for able to become successful in this journey.

  1. Building a strong support group.
  2. Seeing a therapist.
  3. The benefits of being smoke-free

In conclusion, there are many benefits of being smoke-free. This process is a step into a life change. It takes many steps to achieve this but in the long run it will help avoid some serious health issues from smoking. This is just a simple way of how to quit smoking that has work for me. I have remained smoke-free for 10 years and still going strong.

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