Mental Health Sector Project Paper


Mental Health Sector Project Paper

Question Description

Please type 2-3 pages

You will be designing a new social welfare program and will incorporate terms from the word bank listed below. The directions are as follows:

Social Welfare program topic for this project is ” Mental Health Sector”

1. Develop a program to serve that policy sector (this could be a community education, outreach, advocacy, micro practice – such as a counseling or case management component), etc… Describe it and state the goals of the program.

2. Then choose at least 8 terms from the word bank below to describe different aspects of your program.

For example: (Please note that the italicized words are coming from the word bank).

I have chosen to write about the global policy sector. I would like to develop a community outreach program called “Helping Hands.” This program will focus on helping immigrant children dealing with trauma receive more support at school to improve academic and social functioning. The program seeks to develop an afterschool program to support immigrant children with emotional and social needs. I will utilize the guidance counselor and community volunteers to help start the program. The program will include groups, language training, emotional management and cultural awareness classes.

I chose to develop this program to focus on the dignity and worth of individuals by………….I have noticed that this population experiences a lot of micro-aggressions, some examples include……………This group aims to expand choice and opportunity through activities such as…..this program will support the micro and mezzo levels of practice by……

Choose a minimum of eight concepts to include in your program. Refer to your power points and textbook for definitions.

1. Inequality

2. Social Justice

3. Institutional Social Welfare

4. Residual Social Welfare

5. Economic Justice

6. Affordability and Accessibility of Programs and Accountability of Agencies

7. Making social programs more relevant

8. Scope and Effectiveness of Programs

9. Expand choice and Opportunity

10. Health/Education Disparities

11. Self-Determination

12. Prevention Strategies

13. Micro, Mezzo and Macro Levels of Practice

14. Micro aggressions

15. Promoting Care to Communities

16. Importance of Human Relationships

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