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Maryland University Family Health Tree DiscussionSchool

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I have already my family health tree, if you need to edit it you can just edit it

The part you need to finish just the discussion part which is part 2, it about two pages

Here are the requirements:

This week we will be taking a look at the diseases that we are at risk for and brainstorming ways to reduce our risks utilizing the information we are discussing in this class.

Your paper will consist of two parts. You can find a quick overview below, but please take a look at the directions attached for more specific instructions.

Part 1 (10pts): Family Health tree (10pts)

Part 2(25 pts): 2-4 Pages discussing your health tree including the following information:

  1. Pick 1-2 diseases that you are at risk for and explain/define what each disease is.
  2. What is an overall dietary pattern that would reduce your risk of this/these diseases?
    1. What is the mechanism of action as to why this pattern of eating is helpful?
  3. What are the specific foods that you should be eating to reduce your risks? What would happen if you did not follow these lifestyle/dietary recommendations to reduce your risk for disease?
    1. What is the mechanism of action as to why these foods are helpful?
  4. What could be the domino effect if you do not follow these recommendations?

Please review:

Assignment 2 Information and Parameters.pdf
Use for Making Tree for At-risk Disorders

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