Market Analysis of Product Category



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MKTG 300 Brand Analysis Project: Part One: Market Analysis of Product Category

What Your Professor Wants to See

CBC Feedback to Improve Your Draft

The writer begins with a brief overview of the macro level, or “environmental scan.” 

You do offer a brief overview, but of your brand. For this half of the assignment, I would work on finding data to support how the restaurant industry is doing. This will set you up for your research of Burger King.

The bulk of the analysis addresses a variety of perspectives on the market, e.g. tech forces, consumer trends, political issues, and more.  

You do offer a variety of perspectives on the market, however, it’s focused on Burger King and not the industry.

The analysis discusses sales, trends, and market shares that includes competitors.

When going forward with your industry research, what trends do you see with consumers that frequent fast food restaurants? What are the sales like? Who are the top restaurants?

Research sources are credible and well-documented (APA).

While you include a reference page, there are minimal sources cited directly in the paper.

The writer incorporates marketing terms to show knowledge of course concepts

I think you have an understanding of the marketing terms.

The writer’s style has a clear and professional tone, using concise language and syntax to convey complex ideas

You do carry a professional tone. To improve, I would suggest reading aloud your work or having a peer do so. This can help to clearly see how your sentence structure sounds. 

The writer’s organization flows logically from the overview to the end, reflecting a priority order of importance that respects the audience’s needs

You use headers and subheadings to distinctly divide organize the paper.

The format, design, and length adhere to the assignment prompt

While the length and design seem to follow most of the prompt, you’ve not really done the industry analysis.


Burger King is one among the nourishment eating house and foods that are consumed by the individuals of Latest Island within the twenty-first century (“BURGER KING® About Us – Great Food Comes First”, 2010). Within this paper, I’ll discuss concerning the merchandise analysis of the merchandise class, environmental analysis of macro problems and also the trade analysis of Barger King in terms of a range of worker, money base, and also the SWOT analysis. 

Market analysis of product category

The fast-food restaurant embraces the marketing mix in their business in order to respond to the saturated and conditions prevailing in fast food restaurants. The core competency of Barger King is to offer a fast food franchise. It specializes with fast food that is made to order of the frame-boiled sandwiched hamburger especially the “whooper”. The strategy of the industrial organization is used for purpose of capturing the market share. The fast food restaurant offers the same product hamburger in a variety of ways. This strategy of product differentiation is an element of the firm conduct class that Burger King uses to line itself except for its competitors. In order to vie with its nourishment competitors, Burger King accentuates its core competencies in its promoting and products ways, thereby investing market share. They include sides, fish and chicken, veggies and salads, sweets and beverages (Luan & Sudhir, 2010).

On top of their major product line, the burger, they also offer other alternatives such a fish and chicken. The sides are comprised of hash browns, onion rings, fries, and nuggets. The Burger King also has a variety of salads inform of Veggie salad, Chicken Caesar salad and morning star. On part of beverages, it offers juices, smoothies, milk, iced tea, sodas, coffee, and flappes. They desert comprises of Oreo Shake, Dutch Apple pie, and Caramel Sundae. Moreover, the company has bundled its products to kids’ meals and value meals. In the market mix, Burger King prefers the use of their limited approach as they deal with a few varieties of food products. However, the product mix employed by the Burger King support the economies of scale via the economies of scale based on the large scale production of a few numbers of product lines.

Environmental analysis of macro issues

Legal issues

Burger King is regarded as the busiest and fast food restaurant both locally and internationally. To ensure it has all the necessary resources, it has to follow are the required legal process to make sure that it serves quality food to their customers and earn a return from the business. This involves ensuring the health of their customers and all the New Zealand people who consume their product. Every country has its own standard rules and regulations that govern the food restaurant for purpose of ensuring the health and safety of the people.  To ensure it follows this, Burger King has registered with the consumer guarantee Act, Safety   Fair Trading Act, Industry Act, Trade practice Act, and copyright to comply with New Zealand laws as well as to provide quality and healthy food to their customers.

Ethical issues


The main aim of a fast food restaurant in New Zealand is to provide quality and healthy food to the people. Therefore, Burger King has to make sure it complies with the set standard. If the Burger King will be starting a new branch of McCafe, it has to make sure that the food provided meets all the standard and are healthy for the consumers.

Ensuring Green Environment

The Burger helps in keeping the environment green as its ethical in business. This involves showing the business responsibilities towards the people and the community in general. Burger King involves in activities such as recycling the red oil for re-use instead of dumping it into the environment and separating the garbage that can be re-used such as plastics, bottles, and papers.

Social Responsibilities

Barger King may involve in activities to benefit the community in which it performs its operation. Social responsibility is among ethical issues while doing business. This involving participating in a program that will impact the wellbeing of society. In launching a new branch, Burger King should make sure that there is a provision of notices for garbage collections and sales to society. Moreover, it can provide some of the most usable services such as parking and toilets to their customers and special toilets for the disabled person.

Cultural Diversity

It’s very vital to Burger King to have awareness of their customers’ culture as a whole. This will help them from running losses because of providing foods that are against the culture of their consumers. Majority of the people tend not to be offended by advertisement sources. Therefore Burger King has to portray respect and loyalty to its customers in a very effective manner to ensure their success and survival in business.

Employment Opportunities

The Burger King provides employment opportunity to great personnel in a very huge way in order to promote their business. This will help disabled people to have a feeling of acceptance in the community.

Cultural issues


Burger King offers different varieties of menus to its customers and is readily available to its customers to make choices. E.g. The burger that is sold can either have the beef, chicken or meat according to their customer preferences. The Hindus and Muslims who does not consume bacon can take desserts and drink fries. Selling halal to customers is good as some of the people prefer eating it. Having a variety of food to the customers is such a very good idea as it helps in meeting the desire and needs of many people as well as promote the sales of Burger King.  

Community, organization, religion, and gender

Burger King will have to help the community to grow together. This involves accepting different people in terms of culture and ages of different people in the community. This guarantees that Burger King can serve any kind of customer that will consume their products regardless of their nationality. This will show respect to Burger King Business.

Corporate social responsibility

Supporting community activities such as games brings people of the community together and learn about the cultural diversity of different people in society. This can also involve providing toilets for disabled personnel (“Strategic Analysis (SWOT, PESTEL, Five Forces) of McDonalds – The WritePass Journal”, 2012).

Industrial Analysis

Burger King operating beneath the complete design of building Brands International from over sixty years had emerged as a 1 of the most important alimentation hamburger chain with over a hundred restaurants across the globe. Ninety-nine of Burger King Shops are franchised that is just about 15000 and rest a hundred forty-five is closely-held by the corporation itself.



Burger King is the fastest and busy fast food restaurant in New Zealand. This is because of its mercantilism in a variety of burgers is one in all the advantage it’s from the other fast food restaurants. Most of the food that is widely sold to their customers are burgers inform of mushroom burger and party burger which are not readily available in other fast food restaurants. Moreover, it conjointly has dishes like facet dishes like pie, Sunday et al that is mostly bought by customers. All this, (is conjointly is additionally) because of its location of headquarters and also the situation of its eleven five hundred thousand eleven alimentation restaurants in about 71 countries everywhere the globe during which it embodies America, Brazil, Asian countries, North American nation and conjointly in New Sjaelland and plenty of a lot of alternative countries.


Poor ad strategy as compared to its competitors. this is often as a result of Muslims faith seldom consume burger as they’re unsure whether or not it’s Halal or generally they get the incorrect order the bacon are bestowed it which is against the religion and culture that majority of the Muslims and Hindus have. And conjointly the sales aren’t extremely that prime compared to some alimentation restaurants like McDonalds and KFC because they do not have effective selling.


Because of the weaknesses of other fast food restaurants, Burger King has a great opportunity to increase its sale of the burger. This is because there will be an increase in burger production to meet the needs of the prevailing customers. This will enable them to open branches all over the cities of New Zealand because of the earned profits and demands. This increase in demand for their product is an opportunity that, Burger King will have an opportunity to develop and launch new merchandises in their food business to satisfy the market demand.


The major threat of Barger King is their competitors from other fast food restaurants such as KFC and Mc Donald’s because they also provide mercantilism of Burgers. In cases of inflation in the New Zealand economy, there will be a decline in sales because people will not be wailing to eat from the restaurants. This will put them to huge losses as the New Zealand people are the primary consumers of their foods. There is a threat of change in consumer behavior as the majority of the people are moving toward healthier eating habits. This will decline their sales volume (Chand, Eyles & Ni Mhurchu, 2012).


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