Managing Human Capital


Managing Human Capital

Course Work Description Students need to pick and discuss one of the current trends in managing human capital in various organizations like: Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Multinationals, Public Organizations, NGOs, etc. Students can choose to analyse organizations in various national business (developed economies, crisis economies, economies in transition, emerging markets, etc) contexts. The discussion could be structured in the following questions: • What is the current state of affairs of Managing Human Capital in Organizations? • Are Organizations keen to adopt new HRM practises? • If yes, in what forms? • If no, what are the alternatives that they have? An in-depth exploration of the recent literature (last 10-15 years) should be conducted. Students’ investigation will be based on a thorough literature review based on recently published papers in academic journals. Each student needs to have a minimum of 20 references. Assessment criteria will include: • Clear structure of work • Appropriate and comprehensive use of theories and tools to support analysis • Logical coherence • Levels of Critical Analysis • Synthesis of Arguments • References used

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