Management of E-Commerce


Management of E-Commerce

Assessment Information This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes 1, 2, 4, 5 and accounts for 50% of the overall module mark. Intended Module Learning Outcomes (LOs) 1. Critically analyse various theories, frameworks and applications of ECommerce. 2. Define and evaluate different E-Commerce business models 3. Critically analyse the many types of Information Systems used in commercial organisations 4. Examine the challenges and opportunities of E-Commerce 5. Identify and analyse various issues and difficulties facing organisations who adopt an E-Commerce business model. This assignment is an individual assignment and accounts for 50% of the overall module mark. The word count is 2250 (in accordance with the Faculty Assessment Tariff). This assignment requires you to Using course concepts, compare and contrast Amazon and MercadoLibre in Latin America to identify and discuss current difficulties facing the businesses. Your analysis should include at least 3 peer reviewed academic journal articles published in the last five years in addition to other credible sources of information. Your assignment needs to be presented in the format of academic writing with all sections included: • Title Page • Abstract • Content Page • Introduction • Main Body • Conclusions and Recommendations • Full List of References

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