“Lucy” By Jamaica Kincaid


The Final Draft of Essay #2 will require you to establish a thesis and claim on the topic you’ve chosen and develop your thesis and claim into a convincing argument with evidence from scholarly sources. During the coming weeks, there will be multiple posts in the weekly Canvas modules devoted to this assignment and completing the “Writing Process.” The Final Draft must be in MLA format and a minimum of 1,200 words (and no more than 1,800 words). It must also have Works Cited page with at least 3 sources (the novel, one secondary scholarly source from our modules, and one other secondary scholarly source).

The Final Draft of Essay #2 will be assessed out of 100 points based on the grade rubric posted to Canvas. As always, no late submissions will be accepted—you are responsible for completing the assignment and posting it on time to Canvas.

Below, I’ve provided essay options; you’ll choose one to be the topic of your Essay #2: Lucy Argumentative Essay:

Option #1

In the essay, “Double Identity in Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy,” Janelle Martin argues that Lucy is a “product of double identity” because she is both a “foreigner/immigrant from the Caribbean as well as a woman of color within the United States” (35). Yet, Lucy is determined to forge her identity outside of those parameters. Is she successful by the end of the novella? What role does the place she grew up play in her quest to create her own identity? What role does the color of her skin play in her quest to create her own identity? Develop an argument with evidence from the novel and secondary sources.

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