LS3010 FOUNDATIONS Week 3 – Assignment: Read And Review A Research Article For Specific Information


Review the Newhouse, N. K., & Cerniak, J. (2016) article to obtain specific information. The information you are required to find is identified by the questions listed below. Please number and provide your response in complete sentences.

  1. According to data provided by Straumsheim (2014) as cited in the Newhouse and Cerniak (2016) article, what were the estimates for online enrollment?
  2. What do the initials FTF and DE stand for?
  3. A discussion of locus of control and levels of self-efficacy can be found in which section?
  4. What factors are considered as e-learning readiness?
  5. What two psychology programs are the focus of this article?
  6. What was the size of the total sample?
  7. What were the two dependent variables that were studied?
  8. What was the one variable that was predictive of success or failure in both of the psychology programs studied?

Copy each of the questions 1 through 8 and provide your response to each question in a complete sentence. For example, if a study utilized 476 Norwegian boys ages 9-11 and 442 Norwegian girls ages 10 and 11, you would respond to question 6 as follows:

6. What was the size of the total sample? The size of the total sample was 918 children.

After you have responded to the eight questions, write a one- to two-paragraph opinion piece as to if the study accomplished what it set out to find.

Length 2-3 pages, not including title and reference pages.

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