Lowell Mills and other early factory systems


 You will choose 2 of the 4 questions to answer. Your answers should be thoughtful, in depth and fully explain your understanding of the information. Remember, this is your opportunity to show what you know and understand. Make sure to give examples and evidence from the textbook and readings to justify or explain your answers.  Your answers should be about 150-200 each. If your answer is less than 150 words or does not fully answer the question, points will be taken off.  

 * Make sure your posts are in your own words. I already know what the texts say. I am not just looking for facts. I want your own insights and connections into the topic as well. Simply regurgitating facts or writing what the texts say does not demonstrate your knowledge or understanding of the topics.  

1. Describe the Lowell Mills and other early factory systems. Which types of people did these early factory systems target and why? How did that impact/change American societies and families? Explain. 

 2. Describe the building of new transportation systems within the Untied States? Why were these new transportation systems needed? Which parts of the US were they built in? How did this impact the economic growth of different parts of the US? Explain. 

***********I also uploaded the textbook and Discussion board sample from my Professor*********

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