Local music streaming website


Local music streaming website

Project on creating a website for LOCAL MUSIC STREAMING using JAVA SPRING FRAMEWORK requirements : 1. proposal (2 pages) need the proposal on 8th March 11.59PM CST. 2.Project coding must be done in JAVA SPRING FRAME WORK. Step 1. You have to create simple website where a user can upload and download the local music files, create their user accounts, and should be able to browse through different music files present on the website. 2. User information should be stored in the database. 3. Need all executable file both front and back end. 2. HTML, CSS, JAVA SPRING FRAMEWORK must be used in the front end coding, need all files. 4. create use case diagrams as shown in the attached example file. 5.PowerPoint presentation 10 to 15 pages. Chat Conversation End Type a message…

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