Letter To Trump About the Current State of the Global Economy


Letter To Trump About the Current State of the Global Economy

Please read the prompt (written below) carefully and respond accordingly. Somewhere on the horizon, within the decade, the United States will no longer be the largest economy in the world. According to the IMF, that honor will go to China. Already we sense the shift — bazaars and malls across the world have the feel of America, but the goods in them are made in China. What is America is the form of the present; its content is China. Reaction to this evidence has taken many forms: There is literature of catastrophism — an anticipation of the Decline of America. The imploding American economy, it is felt, will lead to the loss of structural power by the US institutions and the increased use of US military power to hold onto the country’s authority. The hoof-beats of the four horsemen clatter across this literature. There is the literature of revival — an anticipation of the Second American Century, or as Trump put it — Make America Great Again. This view holds that the US economy is resilient, with the power of the Dollar sacrosanct and faith in American ingenuity able to creatively destroy old sectors simply to rise — phoenix-like– with new inventions to power the United States. American power derives not from General Motors, but from the next Microsoft of from better deals. Neither of these extreme views — that America will collapse or that America will revive — is incomplete. Both have elements of truth. I would like you to think about these views. I want you to write a letter to Donald Trump, in which you explain the dynamic of the present and what you believe would be appropriate policy suggestions as the world begins to rebalance out of the era of US-driven unipolarity.

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