Leadership Workout Program Paper


Leadership Workout Program Paper

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Students will focus their workout program based on one of the chapters that will be discussed (core, balance, plyometrics, SAQ training, resistance training. The focus of our workouts will be SPECIFICITY and adherence to the NASM OPT model.

All workouts will be directed by an individual trainer, who will choose how the information is presented to the class. Presentations can be pre-recorded. Nonverbal components: attire, posture, gestures, modeling, eye contact, attitude, tone. Verbal components: speech volume, speech pitch, cues, timing of speech, definitions and word choice

All students will turn in a written summary of their sample training day with pictures and explanations of the exercises by the last day of the term.What is your improvement goal for the term project (the exercise session you are designing)?

  1. Students will use these exercises in a manner that targets their chosen NASM chapter. In your project summary and presentation, please specify the number of sets and reps, length of suggested contractions, and the suggested order of the exercises.
  2. Students are encouraged to measure personal data and analyze changes throughout the term

from their 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

own program. Suggested fitness variables: One leg stand hold time
Reps to fatigue on any exercise Circumferences

Time on any drill pre post 1RM on any exercise Flexibility changes

3. Focus on the communications skills outlined above.

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