Law Enforcement


Open source Intelligence is the single most available tool to law enforcement. that being said its value could not be understated. the majority of all information comes from open sources, whether it is being used for a law enforcement purpose or not. In fact so much information is open source in this day and age that it is almost unheard of to get information that is not.  So, to say something is open source information is basically to say that it is readily available. Well almost everything is readily available today. any social media platform is considered open source, as well as any news outlet. really anything you find on TV is open source as long as you have something to apply it to. now obviously anything on HGTV would probably not be applicable to the field of law enforcement, but the point is clear. There is so much information available that is simpley waiting for the push of a button of a cell phone or laptop that the limits are nearly endless. so again, the value of open source information for law enforcement could really not be understated.

On September 3, 2012 law enforcement used a series of tweets from twitter to make an arrest on a man by the name of Donte Jamar Sims (Seo, 2012). now any social media platform is also an open source information platform. If a user is not consciously aware of their security settings then almost anyone is able to gain access look at information that is posted by a user. So on This day a series of posts were made that made threats to the life of former president Barrack Obama

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