Keiser University Seafood Vibrio Vulnificus Outbreak in America EssaySchool


Keiser University Seafood Vibrio Vulnificus Outbreak in America EssaySchool

Keiser University

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it is hard to think of examples in life in which microbes do not play an important but silent or hidden role. Many of these roles are positive. However, most students enter a microbiology class only hearing about how there is “this epidemic”, or “this infection going around”, or “stay out of the water” or “don’t eat this food”. We hear about this based on a problem in our lives, the lives of someone we love, where we work, or on the news when reading a paper, watching TV or browsing the internet. But is this information correct or complete? It is this aspect of learning about microbiology that we want to illustrate this week.

you will discuss a MICROBE IN THE NEWS!

You must provide a written review of a major news article focusing on your chosen microbe as your primary discussion!

Find a main stream, media-based, mass-distributed news source where even Grandma gets her news, that reported your chosen microbe within the past year, as your main reference. Tell us the contents of this news articles in your own words, paraphrasing but remembering to provide the reference in text and in your list in APA format.

You may use government-based or other scholarly references only as secondary information, to explain details missing above, such as, what kind of organism it is, the gram reaction, how the organism affects us, or follow -up information not known at the time of the news release but has been provided since that time .

You must write a review of the news article contents, discuss what type of microorganism it is, and if the organism is in nature or is used in industry or causes disease. If it causes disease you must discuss transmission, increasing incidence, factors contributing to the spread of the organism, lab culturing, etc.

Your discussion should be well-written, in your own words, paraphrasing from only credible academic sources. You may not directly quote from your sources. You must also cite your credible academic reference sources in text and provide full end ref information in APA format. The initial post must be at least 300-400 words

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