Kaplan College Electronics E Waste and Environmental Impacts PaperSchool


Kaplan College Electronics E Waste and Environmental Impacts PaperSchool

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You are expected to complete a class project (Lesson 10) based on your interest in ETS subjects. The ETS class project will be your chance to demonstrate a depth of knowledge and application of that knowledge to an ETS problem or issue. The project will involve a proposed solution with a demonstration of specific aspects of the issue or problem.

ETS Project Ideas

The link above contains a list of suggested projects, however you’re welcome to propose your own idea as well.

Project Proposal:

Before you start your project, you must submit a half page to full page, typed, double spaced proposal of your project. You may submit this at any time during the course, you do not have to wait until you have completed Assignment 9. Your proposal should include the following:

  • ETS Project subject
  • The objective(s) that you want to accomplish
  • The strategy that you will use to accomplish
  • The outcome(s) that you will present.
  • Possibility of any recommendations for further studies

Once you have completed your proposal, click on the Send Mail to Instructor link in the course menu on the left and attach your file as a .doc or .rtf file. Once you have approval you may continue your project.

Assignment 10 Submission:

Type this assignment using a word processing program and save as a file. If you are using a word processing program other than Microsoft Word, then please save the file as Rich Text Format.
Submit your project by clicking on the Assignment 10 Submission link in the Course Content menu on the left and uploading your assignment.
Your project report should be between 10 and 12 pages long, double-spaced with appropriate figures if needed. A minimum of 6-7 references (no more than five internet resources) should be used and cited on a references page. Your report should include the following items:

  • Project title
  • Abstract “brief summary of the report”
  • Objective
  • Introduction
  • Body of the report which includes details (purpose of the project, strategy for achieving objectives, plan of action, illustrations, technical/environmental/social details, assumptions done, etc. ),
  • Conclusions (outcomes), recommendations for future studies, References.

This assignment is worth 100 points and will assessed using the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness to ETS course – 25%
  • Academic integrity, quality, and Creativity – 25%
  • Personal-Society-Community level impact as part or whole – 25%
  • Professionalism in the overall project which includes process, writing skills, conclusions, possible recommendations for further enhancement, etc. – 25%

A note on Academic Integrity, please do not copy and paste from internet resources, always quote and appropriately cite your sources. Your assignment may be processed through

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