Journal Template


 I’m an african american female. This template should be filled out like the example provided.

Assignment: Journal Entry–From Margin to Center

It can be uncomfortable to realize that you have come either from a place of oppression or privilege. Individuals seldom use these terms to describe themselves or others. However, oppression and privilege impact every aspect of people’s lives. As you consider your own place in society, consider your emotional attachment to where you see yourself within these social constructs. Consider the assumptions made about you based on how you look, the clothes you wear, or the car you drive.

To prepare: Download the Week 2 Journal Template found in “Required Resources” and complete according to the instructions.

By Day 7

Submit a journal entry in which you complete the Week 2 Journal Template.

Note:In this course you will be asked to provide journal entries on various topics. The intent of the journals is for you to reflect on some of the more difficult topics we address in this course. It should be a safe and confidential outlet for you to explore a little more deeply your thoughts and emotions surrounding that week’s topic. You will be assessed on your knowledge of the concepts, application of social work values, and demonstration of critical thought related to the topic. Quite often prior to beginning a social work program, students do not consider how privilege and power on the one side and oppression on the other side impact people every day. Reflect on how this may be a new topic for you and give your personal responses to sometimes very difficult discussion.

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