ITESM Racism in Brazil and Issues in Caminha Letter EssaySchool


ITESM Racism in Brazil and Issues in Caminha Letter EssaySchool


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For this first essay, you should write a 5-page paper (double-spaced, 12pt, standard font and margins) from one of the following prompts. Your paper should be elaborated in an appropriate academic style and call upon either the Chicago or the MLA guidelines for citing sources on an additional page entitled “Works Cited.”

The essay should cite actual evidence from the texts in question as citations and should analyze that evidence by paying careful attention to the actual words used and their implications. Strong essays will give careful consideration of the actual language used in their sources and will develop their discussions according to an analysis of ideas as reflected in these sources.

“Race” in Brazil has had very different implications throughout its history. The attempted enslavement and decimation of Amerindians in addition to the enslavement and forced migration of Africans, while economically motivated, are premised upon ideas about race and ethnicity. The continuing legacy of these events in Brazil provide, as well, opportunities to examine how race continues to shape contemporary life in Brazil despite the relative remoteness of the colonial period. Return to Manoel de Nóbrega’s “Letter to Governor Tomé de Sousa,” Pêro Vaz de Caminha’s “Letter,” Jean de Léry’s History or to Sweet’s history of the life of Domingos Álvares, and find examples or specific evidence that you can then read in the light of Edward Telles’ ideas regarding race and color in contemporary Brazil. Be sure to call upon, as well, some of the other texts read in class to enrich and contextualize your discussion.

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