ITECH5404 Business Process Analytics And Change


ITECH5404 Business Process Analytics And Change

Students are required to work in a team (3-5 students). Each individual student is required to:

  • Select a peer reviewed journal article on some area of business process management and change related to the course, or an area which extends course ideas (see list of potential topic areas). Confirm the appropriateness of the journal article with the course lecturer and/or tutor before completing this assignment.
  • Provide a copy of the selected journal article to team members by the scheduled tutorial in week 3. For Mt Helen students, a team forum will be provided in moodle (partner students discuss the best approach with your lecturer / tutor).
  • Lead a face-to-face discussion (approximately 10 minutes) of your team, based on your selected journal article, in the scheduled tutorial time during weeks 4 – 6 (each team member will negotiate a designated discussion week). You should read and write a summary of the key ideas the article is presenting and prepare some questions as a starting point for discussion with your team members, prior to your designated discussion week.
  • Following the face-to-face discussions, select any one (1) of your team member’s articles and provide a written review of approximately 200-250 words to the team forum in moodle detailing your thoughts, impressions and reactions to the article (partner students discuss the best approach with your lecturer / tutor).
  • Write a review (approximately 1200-1500 words) of the journal article, providing a critique of your individual ideas. Also include comments and conclusions made by other team members in your reading circle, and your reflections as a result of these discussions.

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