International Markets Integration and Social Issues Essay


International Markets Integration and Social Issues Essay

INTERNATIONAL MARKET INTEGRATION AND SOCIAL ISSUE ESSAYS INSTRUCTIONS Select one country and discuss how one of its regional trade agreements (RTAs) is contributing to one social issue that is plaguing the country. You must discuss how the citizens of the selected country are negatively impacted by the trade agreement. Note*Each paper should have a different RTA and a different social issue. You cannot write about the same RTA nor the same social issue for both papers. Your essay must be a minimum of 4 pages, 12-point font, Times New Roman, bolded headers for each section and double-spaced. You must reference at least 4 scholarly sources. You will need to include the following information: 1. A description and discussion of the country involved in the RTA. 2. A description and discussion of the trade agreement. 3. An analysis of the country’s social issue. 4. An analysis as to how the RTA negatively created or contributed to the social issue. 5. Research and discuss how a specific Christian organization or the Church has attempted to resolve the issue. If no specific Christian organizations can be found, or churches are permitted in the country, develop a strategy for a specific Christian organization that could possibly mobilize in the nation to help address the social issue that the country is facing. Social issues you may research but are not limited to: • Child Labor • Crime • Educational Policies • High Unemployment Rates • Housing • Hunger • Illegal Immigration • Illiteracy • Increase in Poverty • Juvenile Delinquency • Population Growth • Sex Trafficking • Slave Labor

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