International marketing


Please respond to the following:

  • It’s common knowledge that labeling has become global. Examine the labeling regulations that your chosen country has. Give examples of at least two (2) labeling regulations that benefit consumers. Select one (1) of these regulations and review its effect on manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, as it relates to your importing of shoes into your country.

classmate response

The USDA AND FDA food standards. These foods benefit the United states as well as consumers, meat products have specific import regulations which can easily be met by th U.S. suppliers. On the other hand milk imports are prohibited, this has a negative effect on the manufactures because they can’t import milk products to the United States. Certaine products can not be imported like the product that i chose, shoes. Manufactures can’t import there milk products which in turn effects suppliers, distributors and people.

Jerome Mackey

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