International Business – Individual Assignment 4


International Business – Individual Assignment 4

Use the globalEDGE website ( to complete the following exercises: One way that exporters analyze conditions in emerging markets is through the use of macroeconomic indicators. The Market Potential Index (MPI) is a yearly study conducted by the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU-CIBER) to compare the market potential of emerging markets for U.S. exporters. Provide a description of the dimensions used in the index. Which of the dimensions would have greater importance for a company that markets wireless devices? What about a company that sells clothing? Part of developing a long-term R&D strategy is to locate facilities in countries that are widely known to be competitive. Your company seeks to develop R&D facilities in Asia to counter recent competitor responses. A publication that evaluates economies based on their competitiveness is the Global Competitiveness Report. Locate this report, and develop a presentation for the top management team that presents the benefits and drawbacks for the top five Asian economies listed. You work in the human resource department at the headquarters of a multinational corporation. Your company is about to send a number of managers overseas as expatriates (or expats) to France and New Zealand. You need to create an executive summary evaluating, comparing, and contrasting the possible issues expats may encounter in these two countries. Your manager tells you that a tool called Expat Explorer created by HSBC can assist you in your task. Requirements: Write a 4 page paper in APA format. Make sure to cite any sources used in the research.

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