Intergovernmental Unit 3 Assignment


Select a topic that can be analyzed from an intergovernmental relations perspective. This topic will be same throughout your project. Choose one of the public policy issues that exhibit the characteristics of intergovernmental relations (e.g. minimum wage policy, immigration policy, environmental protection, human rights, marriage rulings, gun policy, economic crisis response, disaster response, and marijuana legalization) or choose one consistent with this theme. If you choose a topic not provided, email me for approval before you begin to work.

Keep in mind that the topic you select will be the same throughout all 4 parts of the Final Project.

You may focus on a topic discussed during the lecture or in the readings. You may also consider searching local newspapers, news, or policy briefs closely associated with inter-governmental relations.

In this first step assignment, Introduce the topic (or case), provide background information on the topic, and summarize the existing challenges or debates associated with the selected public policy issue.

Your submission should be around 500 words. All papers must be submitted through Blackboard and will not be accepted through email. As you review your papers prior to submission, please ensure that no more than 25% of your paper is cited material. Please use APA format. Your papers must contain original content and not be an example of “copy and paste” material from articles. Please remember that SafeAssign heavily scrutinizes your paper for plagiarism and so do I.

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