Integrated Marketing



One of the unexpected facts about life with social media is that your friends and associates can share information about you on all of their online social networks. It is a new life in the “nothing’s private anymore” universe.

Privacy is a huge concern for all direct marketers, not just those engaged in e-commerce, and it has generated fierce debate among consumer privacy advocates, marketing and advertising associations, and federal regulators. Companies are increasing the amount of data they collect on their customers to do better behavioral marketing — sometimes with their permission and knowledge, but often without customers even being aware of the practice.

Read the “Principled Practice” on page 27 of your text (in Module 5: “Direct Response,” by Phelps, Peltier, & Milne)

Visit a few direct-marketing organizations online, such as:

1. Pick an issue that, judging from these sites, is a threat to direct-response marketing.

2. Briefly describe the issue.

3. Explain what you, as a direct-response marketing manager, would do to overcome this threat.

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