Innovation Report


Innovation Report

PLEASE FOLLOW THE FORMAT GIVEN IN THE ATTACHED WORD FILE The Innovation Report builds on the group project by identifying a solution for the challenge or problem you identified in the previous assessment and how the focal organisation will be able to deliver its revised value proposition. Make sure you include a discussion on this problem/organisational challenge and value proposition in your introduction to the report. Your introduction should also discuss the existing strategies of the focal organisation. This assessment brings together the topics covered during the semester/trimester including a revision of the design thinking techniques used for redefining the organisational challenge and value proposition. You will demonstrate how your proposed solution will be implemented by your focal organisation through a revised business model that is different to the organisation’s original starting point. You will need to describe how the model differs from the original one and how and why it will benefit the focal organisation. You will also apply some of the strategy concepts we covered early in the semester/trimester as well as issues associated with intellectual property protection and collaboration strategies. The word count for the report is 2,500 words. This is a tight word limit so please use exhibits such as diagrams and tables to avoid going over the word limit. Your business model will also not be included in the word count. You will provide clear recommendations that are well-founded calls to action clearly linked to the rest of the report. The report should have 15 scholarly references Chicago style.

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