Individual Training and development programs


Option #2: Individual Training and development programs

You are the HR director of a large organization. You have recently hired two (2) new HR generalists who will be making job offers to qualified candidates. To insure consistency of content and process, you will be conducting a training session for the new HR generalists regarding screening candidates, personal/culture match, and offers of employment. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to use in the training session. The focus of the training includes:

  1. Provide several slides that welcome the employees into the organization. Provide typical information that they should know as they begin their employment (use a firm you currently work at or are familiar with. This may include its mission, vision, strategic direction, employee expectations, etc.)
  2. Assess typical training HR generalists will complete as part of their orientation (in other words, how they will learn their job).
  3. Finally, create two (2) individual training programs for each of the next employees hired. These should be specific to each employee. (Note: you will need to determine two separate training approaches. You can create any background you desire for the employees that were hired. They do, however, have to possess different backgrounds prior to being hired by the firm).

The presentation (PowerPoint or other presentation program) should be 12 slides not including title or reference slides IN APA FORMAT – REFRENCES

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