Indiana Registered Paralegals (IRP)


In October of 2014, after a heavy push from Hoosier paralegals all across the state, the Indiana State Bar Association adopted a voluntary paralegal registration program.  In March 2015, the Board of Governors approved the program and it was officially implemented in July of 2015.

Please look on the Indiana State Bar Association website (  Put in the search term “registered paralegal.”  Click on the article “Become an Indiana Registered Paralegal.”  Read about this program and read the requirements to become an Indiana Registered Paralegal (IRP)

In one page or less, explain and summarize (in your own words, not the website’s words) Rule 9.  Please substantively answer the following question:

a.  Do you believe this rule meets the intent of paralegal regulation?  Why or why not?  (5 points)

b.  What requirements that are listed to become an IRP do you agree and disagree? (6 points)

c.  What other requirements do you believe are necessary?  (2 points)

d. What do you believe the effect would be to the legal field if paralegals were able to become fully licensed and fully regulated?  What would the mean for attorneys who are practicing?  What would that mean for the paralegal field?  (10 points). 

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