Immigration and its effect on society


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Social issues are challenges that affect a large proportion of a society’s population (Cheong 2007). There are other such issues, but we will focus on immigration as one of the social challenges in this paper. The influx of foreign workers into a country is known as immigration. According to most scholars, immigration provides numerous advantages as well as disadvantages. The question of whether the benefits of immigration are worth the risk or sacrifice of its drawbacks has become a contentious topic. The advantages of immigration include increased industrial innovation, labor availability, cultural diversity, and economic growth, whereas the disadvantages include crime and resource limits. Throughout this study, we will expand on the benefits and drawbacks of immigration. The importance of industrial innovation to the economy is unavoidable; one of the roadblocks is ensuring that the number of immigrants admitted is kept under control. Because, as previously indicated, an influx of immigrants has the aforementioned negative effects. The advantages of immigration are worth it if control and management are practiced. References J. L. Spenkuch (2013). Understanding how immigration affects crime. The American Law and Economics Review, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 177–219. I. Goldin (2016). The positive impact of immigration on the world. Cheong R. Goulbourne H. & Solomos J. P. H. Edwards, R. Goulbourne, R. Goulbourne, R. Goulbourne, R. Goulbourne, R (2007). A critical examination of social cohesion and social capital among immigrants. Social policy that is critical 24–49 in 27(1). S. E. Barkan (2013). Continuity and change are two major social issues. Knowledge of the Flat World is incorporated. P. Orrenius (2016). The advantages of immigration outweigh the disadvantages. George W. Bush Institute for Public Policy 2. Felbermayr, Battisti M. Poutvaara Poutvaara, G. Peri, G. Peri, G. Peri, G. Peri, G. Peri, G (2014). Despite labor market flaws and income redistribution, immigration favors indigenous. The Policy Portal of VOX-CEPR

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Select one of the social issues that you identified in Unit 2 and conduct further research on that social issue. Using techniques of academic research, locate 5 articles (include the 2 that you have already found for Unit 2) that define and explain the social issue on which you are gathering research. Try to find articles that present diverse points of view. Make sure that you find articles that provide both data and analytics so that you know they are well-researched sources of information. You will need to define and describe at least 6 aspects of the problem in detail. The more detail you go into now, the more realistic your options will be in addressing the social issue. Remember to include the relationships between people and organizations that influence or exacerbate the social issues and problems. Most issues are extremely complex and the more you know about the relationships that create that complexity, the more realistic and effective your solution will be for your final project. Your assignment may be presented in a multimedia presentation form, or an outline form, as well as in a formal paper.

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