ICT701 A new training organization called ABC TechTraining


ICT701 A new training organization called ABC TechTraining

A new training organization called ABC TechTraining is opening soon and they have approached you to help design their new database. They have just completed the refurbishment of the premises and are now looking at hiring staff to teach the many IT courses they have. They anticipate hiring a large number of staff within the first few months, around 200 – 300 staff annually. Due to the size and importance, they have asked you to look at developing just the staff database at this stage. They are aware they will need to expand the database to incorporate course and student information but are not looking at doing this now.

User Requirements

ABC TechTraining need a database that will help us track and manage the approval of teaching staff. The following are key things they need to track:

  • Approval to teach. The staff member must be approved to teach by the administration manager before they can start teaching. Approval details recorded include thefollowing:
  • List of documents filed for each staff member and who sighted them and when. For example, Resume, Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees
  • Any additional notes to be recorded and who recorded
  • Each year staff will be reviewed. The review date is one year from the approval date. The review will be conducted by the administration manager. All reviews will consist of an outcome which will determine if the staff member will be allowed to continue teaching with ABC TechTraining. Outcomes consist of: Continue, Warning, Terminate. Notes are to be recorded with each review. The date of the next review is thennoted.

What You Need To Do

There are two parts to the assignment. Part A and Part B. Part A consists of the ERD diagram and any assumptions made. Part B is all the SQL code for your implementation of the database.

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