IC51002A Human Capital By Marx For Financial Assests Or Resources


IC51002A Human Capital By Marx For Financial Assests Or Resources

Choose a scholar whose theories we have explored in the course readings, and examine in detail their understanding of a type of capital they prioritise.
N.B. Capital types are interrelated, and theorists rarely deal with a single type in isolation, but begin by choosing a key type from a scholarly work and use it as a focus to lead your discussion of a capital’s characteristics and import.

For example:
Bourdieu on Social, Cultural Capital
Coleman on Social, Human Capital
Marx on Human Capital
Muniesa et al. on Capitalization
Putnam on Social Capital
Searle & Brassell on Economic / Intellectual Capital
Swedberg on Economic Capitalism
Throsby on Human Capital (via Social)
Townley on Cultural, Intellectual Capital
Uzzi on Financial Capital You may want to consider: the scholar’s view of how different capital types engage with one another; the component elements of capital types; the ideas and materials by which types of capital are defined and recognised; the social and economic importance of the capital. In some cases the key concentration of the scholar will be a dynamic one e.g. a process such as capitalisation, or the impact of a set of capital relations e.g. capitalism.
The aim of the task is for you to engage deeply with the capital concept chosen, and demonstrate your understanding through clear analysis of the topic.

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