Assignment/Paper 1: Individual Research Topic Proposal

Proposal of Individual Research: This is a brief (approximately3-5 pages, double-spaced) proposal on HOW DOES ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION PREVENTS SOCIAL ISOLATION IN THE ELDERLY? If you do a good job on this proposal, I will have you write my final paper which will be based on this proposal and since you are the one who wrote the proposal, writing that paper will be easy for you. Please also attach the articles you have used for this assignment.

This is a“fictional” study and the final paper is a detailed proposal of how you will conduct this fictional study using all the research concepts and skills you have learned in your social work research class, and if you had all the time, money and resources in the world. Include:

1. A clear statement of the problem which is HOW DOES ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION PREVENTS SOCIAL ISOLATION IN THE ELDERLY? you want to address the problem as a social work researcher/practitioner. State the research question your final paper will answer and the outcomes you want to see/dependent variables you want to change (e.g. less homelessness, better self esteem, higher self-esteem, higher graduation rates, increased socialization…).

2. State what you propose as an intervention to address the problem. Indicate whether the final research study will propose to look at a comparison between groups or not(e.g. self-esteem levels of girls compared to boys), or at different/new/adapted treatments (e.g. effectiveness of group versus individual treatment to improve self-esteem…).

3. Specify what the IV(s) and DV(s)/outcomes of interest are and specify what your hypothesis is/are. They must match up with your problem and proposed intervention.

4. How you intend to measure your constructs and outcomes (e.g., such as self esteem, or graduation rates).

5. How will you gather/collect the data, and where will your research subjects/sample be from (do not just say your agency’s clients)? THIS SHOULD BE APPLIED INTERVENTION RESEARCH, not basic, and not qualitative.

6. State a specific theoretical perspective or rationale for your hypothesis/hypotheses and how this theory supports or is the framework for your proposed research (for example, you think the theory of learned behavior would explain why your proposal of healthy eating classes will reduce medical complications like low blood sugar in elderly diabetic clientsat outpatient clinics).

7. A brief explanation of why this research study you are proposing would be important to social work practice and practitioners.

DO NOT be broad and general in this proposal, e.g. “the research will be on child abuse” or “look at eating disorders”. Instead, be focused and specific(e.g.this study will comparethe effects of a socialization group versus individual therapy on two groups ofadolescent girls who were sexually abused and their mental health outcomes such as depression and anxiety). If your field placement is a hospital unit with cancer patients, your proposal could focus on the all cancer patients/clients themselves, or their families oreven the social workers/staff who work with them. You could look at outcomes such as depression in the clients, or stress and coping in the caregivers or burnout in the staff. However, you must be specific with your research question!

In order to be specific, you need to start with a literature search on the area of interest (e.g. depression in cancer patients) and determine what research has been done already (do not re-invent the wheel). After getting articles (do not just attach abstract, print out articles for me. See syllabus on different types of article examples), this will allow you to hone in on a specific area/population and outcome and help you come up with an unique proposal. This thorough literature search will also make it less likely that you will need to change your topic later on because you could not find enough research/ articles on your topic. The first step in doing a literature review is to do a computerized literature search on your topic, using Social Work Abstracts, and other databases such as PsychLit, PsychInfo, CINHAL, ERIC, Sociology Full Textand MedLine. All of these are available to search through UMBC and USG library’s databases, and the Library of Medicine at NIH.Psyctest is a good database for finding scales/instruments to help you find ways to measure your area of interest, e.g. a Beck’sdepressionInventory, or Rosenburg self esteem scale.

Attach hard copies only of your (you will need 5 for the final proposal) peer reviewed research articles so I may check the suitability of the articles (do not submit researcharticles to BB, only the paper). Remember the research should be within the past 5 years, except for any theoretical article/measurement articles which could be older.

The grade will depend upon how clearly and succinctly you state the question/hypotheses and how thoroughly you document the importance of this question in general and in particular to social work practice. Also, grading will depend upon how well you write and follow APA guidelines.