Homework Help


Homework Help

Good afternoon, how are you? I need some help with my homework the instructions are as follows. The due date is Sunday July 12, 2020 by 7:00 PM

Find a good/helpful video related to an aspect of chapters 5 or 6 and include the link to the video in your post.  This video needs to be different than the ones already posted on Blackboard in the learning module and (to the best of your ability) different from the other students in the class.  

1. Title your post with the subject of the video you are writing about, as well as whether it’s from chapter 5 or chapter 6.  

2. Embed the video in the post. (Provide a link to the video if embedding isn’t possible).

3. Summarize the video and then explain why you think it may be helpful to your fellow classmates while learning this material.  Bold any terms the video relates to (post needs to be at least 300 words).

I have also attached the textbook below.  Please remember it has to be on chapter 5 or 6.

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