Due 9/5  8 p,.m est

be on time, Original work

400 words not including title & ref min 3 APA

Reflect on the Capstone topic and problem statement you posted (Discrimination against individuals affected with HIV/AIDS)—and perhaps have since revised based on peer or Instructor feedback.  be certain that yourcapstone topic aligns with your degree (PUBLIC HEALTH.  Finally, evaluate your topic and problem statement through the lens of Indicators 2 and 3.

Indicator 2 asks: is your selected problem meaningful, i.e. has gap in the research literature been identified to demonstrate that this is a meaningful problem to investigate?

Indicator 3 asks: is your selected problem significant, i.e. is this problem important to the discipline and/or your professional field. Also, is it an authentic “puzzle” that needs solving, and not merely a topic that the researcher finds interesting?

Post your evaluation of the significance of your research topic and problem statement with regard to Quality Indicators 2 and 3.

Explain whether your topic and problem statement meet those Indicators and why. If your topic and problem statement do not meet Quality Indicators 2 and 3, explain how you could modify them so that the Indicators might be met.

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