Health care economics – assignment 1 (MCQs – SAQs – ETQs)


Health care economics – assignment 1 (MCQs – SAQs – ETQs)

• MCQs will have just one correct answer and specifying the correct option will secure 1 mark and zero otherwise. • Short answer questions will require a one or two sentence description. Specifying just correct answer will get you 50% of mark and rest will be for explanation of correct answer.  For example, in the sample question above, one example of exclusions is “Medicare payment”. Mentioning just this gives you half mark whereas explaining that payments for some services such as “hair transplant” are not covered by Medicare and hence result in out-of-pocket costs due to exclusion restriction even for a Medicare card holder will secure you full one mark. • The last essay type questions will have two or three specific questions. They will ask for your opinion and if you do not provide that you lose marks. Your assessment will be done on the basis of how you have answered the specific questions and the data used to support your arguments. It is essential that you use data where possible to back up your statements. For example, do not say ‘the number of aged people in Australia is increasing’. You need to be specific – e.g. ‘by the year 2030 it is estimated that X% of the Australian population will be over 65 years of age’.  In some scenarios, there is no right or wrong response and whatever the argument, it has to be backed up by evidence, concept or references. Do not just drop references in at end of sentences or paragraphs – integrate author and year or report title and year into sentences. All pages should be numbered and have sufficient margins (4 cm on the left and 2 cm on the right hand side, top and bottom margins). Student ID, course code, date and assessment title should be included in the header or footer on every page, and in the file name.

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