GNed 500 Global Citizenship Topic Capitalism vs Socialism


GNed 500 Global Citizenship Topic Capitalism vs Socialism

Topic Capitalism vs Socialism How various stakeholders experience the problem? Who benefits? Who is exploited? Harmed? Etc. ?How various stakeholders view the problem? Consider the role of dominant ideologies and discourses in shaping how the problem is viewed and by whom. Can you identify specific/relevant of dominant discourses? Ideologies How do the dominant ideologies and discourses you have identified as relevant to the problem function to influence how people view this social issue?  ?Identify and contrast three of the ideological perspectives. How do values and assumptions differ?  Which ideologies normalize or justify the social problem? Which ideologies critique and challenge the social problem? How do causes and solutions differ? ?Perspective #1 (Approximately 1 paragraph)?Perspective #2 (Approximately 1 paragraph)?Perspective #3 (Approximately 1 paragraph) This is my assignment please make aure no plagarism all is perfect

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